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January 25, 2005

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To Live In Discontent is a collection of b-sides, covers, outtakes, and demos that are as potent and fantastic as their previous full-length Exit English.

Yeah, we all know these types of releases usually end up less than great, unless you are a diehard fan, but in this case, To Live In Discontent is the exception. Politically fuelled, Strike Anywhere's energetic driving rhythms are anything but colorless. Assertive, yet melodic and heartfelt, Richmond's Strike Anywhere's socially conscience anthems, inner-city observations, and strong-willed lyrics elevate them above the rest.

Five tracks are from their Chorus Of One EP, along with a handful of demos, outtakes, rarities, and there's three high-energized covers rounding out the release: Gorilla Biscuits' "Two Sides," Dag Nasty's "Values Here," and Cock Sparrer's "Where Are They Now?"

If you're already a fan, especially of Exit English, then To Live In Discontent won't disappoint. Even though this release is a collection of old and unreleased material, it's an album good enough for ears unfamiliar with Strike Anywhere to check out (but Exit English is also highly recommended). Simply put, To Live In Discontent is chock-full of great melodic punk-rock that contains substance, and a sense of compassion for humanity with a strong longing to alleviate social distress while pointing out the culprits. That, my brothers and sisters, is an underlying theme that I support full-heartedly.

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Ken Hawk