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January 25, 2005

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Knowing Strike Anywhere have new stuff out is always good news to me. In my opinion, they are one of the few new names (even though they’ve been around for 4 years by then) of the punk rock circuit that deserve the “punk” label. Their songs bring positive messages, invitation to political and social awareness and at the same time they stay true and coherent to their beliefs.And let’s not forget that they play punk rock the way it should be: Tight, fast, honest and with few melodies attached.
Usually, I’m pretty dissident with releases containing B-Sides, rarities and already released tracks, such as this one. I rarely find such material as interesting as the one contained in real albums with brand new tracks. Luckily, this is not the case here cause in “ To live in Discontent” there’s plenty of interesting material, offering a complete focus on the band’s discography up to now.
It’s actually cool these guys decided to include the “Chorus of One” ep, came out in 2001 on a minor label. All the songs got remastered and remixed and sound even better than the original version. For the rest, the other unreleased tracks here contained are a perfect example of the blazing sound this Richmond’s quintet brings to life. Besides the anthemic choruses, Thomas Barnett’s soaring vocals are the one he has gotten us used to, the guitars sound aggressive and so do the galloping drums. The cover of “Two Sides” from the Gorilla Biscuits sounds real nice and so does the Cock Sparrer one. If you’re a fan of this great band then you don’t want to miss this out. If you’re not familiar with SA instead, “To Live in discontent” offers you the chance to listen to punk rock as it should be played in 2005.

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