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February 2, 2005

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SJM: Hey Dave. In my review of your brand-new EP I simply stated that if you take the sound of bands like Lifetime, Hot Water Music and Dillinger Four, divide it through 3, you would get a quite good idea of how The Loved Ones sound. Would that description work for you?

Dave: Sure, I like all three of those bands pretty well.

SJM: Reading through the line-up it is obvious that you are far from being newbies to the hardcore/punkrock scene. Could you please tell us in which bands the three members have been playing before.

Dave: I played in Paint It Black till I quit and in The Curse till we broke up. Spider played in Kid Dynamite and Mike played in Trial By Fire.

SJM: Would you say that you will become popular even faster because of the other bands you have been playing in? Is it even possible to become more “popular” because all the bands you played in were so important for the hardcore/punkrock scene as such?!

Dave: I don´t know that we will become 'popular' at all, I do think inevitably there is interest in what folks who have been in other bands do after those bands break up, so naturally there is curiosity about the band, at least a little bit.

SJM: Listening to the EP made me think of the typical New Jersey-sound, which brings a band like Lifetime to my mind. What about your past and present most important musical influences? What bands are we talking about and how do you “cope” with these influences when writing a new song?

Dave: We are influenced by all kinds of music, I would say that Lifetime has I guess a little effect, but I don’t really listen to very much of their music. I guess our influences are everyone from The Beatles and the Stones to The Clash and the Ramones. I don´t worry much at all about sounding or not sounding like influences, I just write what comes out.

SJM: What's your self-understanding of The Loved Ones - what does your band stand for?

Dave: We don´t really have one unified cause I guess. We want to be a band that people look to for honest songs and a passionate approach to playing live. There are certain political and social causes the three of us are interested in, but we don´t stand for anything specific per se.

SJM: I´m quite interested in how you guys met each other and decided to become a band. What story lies behind the formation of The Loved Ones?

Dave: I met Spider when Kid Dynamite had him join after Steve got kicked out. I was roadie-ing and Spider and I got along well. I later met mike when I was in The Curse and he was in Trial By Fire; Those 2 bands played a bunch of shows together. After all of those bands dissolved, I was working at Brian McTernan's house while he was recording the Thrice record, and Spider, Mike and I would sneak into the studio on off days and rehearse, because it was in DC and that is where Spider and Mike were living.

SJM: What about the name of the band? Who came up with the idea?
Dave: I came up with is named after an Evelyn Waugh book and an Elvis Costello song.

SJM: Reading through the lyrics of the songs I really felt like that a band really becomes quite offensive in a quite subtle way. Am I right that The Loved Ones is a political band? I was wondering how you coped including such form of criticism in a nice ballad like “Drastic”.

Dave: We are not overtly political, no. That song was written in response to the election year which also happened to be one of the hardest years of my life. It is certainly political, but I wouldn´t say the band has an overt political message. We obviously all think that the current administration is completely steering the country in the wrong direction, but don´t most people agree?

SJM: Well, I wish you would be right with that, but I think there are still loads of people who haven´t become quite aware of this. How about telling them? How important is a political message in music for you today?

Dave: It´s important if the person singing is truly passionate. I personally have never been a fan of preaching or pushing any particular view on someone, but sure, honest, heartfelt political songs certainly are important and have a broad scope...

SJM: Every band has a vision of how their album should sound like after the recording it. Listening to the new EP right now: Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that the band was able to surprise itself? If this is the case – in how far?

Dave: I would say I´m pretty proud of the EP. It could sound a little dirtier, I guess, a bit drunker - like we sound live, heh heh - but all in all I´m quite proud. That is why everyone should buy it.

SJM: For the people who do not know The Loved Ones and their debut: What should they be prepared for?
Dave: Expect honesty, drinks and not as many fast beats as our old bands.

SJM: Let´s have a look into the bands´ future? Where do you see The Loved Ones by the end of next year? Where would you wish to be and what do you wish to achieve with the band?

Dave: I guess we will probably be on tour by the end of next year, on a bigger label maybe? I don´t know, things change so fast in this rock n roll landscape, you never can tell...
I personally just want to write the best songs I can and play them to as many people as possible.

SJM: To sum it all up: What can we expect of The Loved Ones in 2005? What´s gonna happen right after the release of the new record? You will be touring the States with The Unseen and Strike Anywhere in February. What about plans to also hit the streets of Europe in 2005?

Dave: Damn right. So far we are touring with Strike Anywhere and The Unseen right before the record on the east coast, then after it comes out we are hitting the east coast again, some with our friends in Voice In The Wire and some with Paint It Black to do record release shows, and then we head south to do a week with our pals in Against Me! in late march. After that probably some more national touring. I would like to get to Europe before the year is out, we shall see?°¦

SJM: What do you expect from the forthcoming tour with your label mates? Is it kind of like an “introduction” of the band to the States or can we already talk about a solid The Loved Ones-fan base?

Dave: Hopefully some people will come out that saw us on our first tour in November we did with the Bouncing Souls, Against Me!, Murphy's Law, and Let It Burn. We hit all the same towns on that tour, so hopefully people are stoked and will get there early for us.

SJM: Is there anything would like to add or just say?

Dave: Bush is sheisse.

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