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November 20, 2004

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Hailing from the ever-thriving Louisville hardcore scene, come Breather Resist, an audio assault that will pummel even the hardest of heavy music connoisseurs. If you were left feeling somewhat empty handed by the latest offering from Converge, then this might just be the record to give you the pick me up you’re so desperately looking for. Produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge) and showcasing members from other notable Louisville acts such as The National Acrobat and Black Cross, Breather Resist deliver a debut full length that will capture you with darkly introspective lyrics, throbbing distorted bass and violently discordant guitars. The rhythms are unique without being too tech, and overall every element compliments another in this brash mess of distortion. The layout is exceptionally original and the recording crystal clear, without sounding over produced. If more bands were as sincere and unrelenting as this, the “underground” would have less to be ashamed of. This is a band that will not leave you for bigger and brighter things. The BR boys are real people making real music.
9 out of 10

San Diego Punk