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November 20, 2004

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This is an incredible time in music. Instead of bands trying to show their influence from one band, music has now become a challenge to see who can mix different styles together in a way that no one has before. Enter Breather Resist. The reason I like this album so much is because of their obvious liking for The Jesus Lizard. In my opinion, The Jesus Lizard was on of the best bands to ever come out, but they have never received the credit, and attention, they disserved. It’s great when a band, such as Breather Resist, shows that The Jesus Lizard has not gone unnoticed. Of course, though, there are other styles on this album, but it all is run through the noise barrier that was established by The Jesus Lizard.

Breather Resist, from Louisville, KY, has already released an EP on Deathwish Inc., as well as several splits and seven inches, but "Charmer" is their debut full length. There are some really interesting things happening on "Charmer". First off, Breather Resist changes from chaotic Converge style parts into the sonic grooves of The Jesus Lizard so flawlessly that it shows just how connected the two styles are. Second, they make such seamless, but difficult, time changes that it takes a second for it to sink in that it just happened. Add in the few little noise breaks and effects, and "Charmer" ends up being a great album that pays tribute to the forefathers and lets them know that the next generation is here to carry the torch.

Key Tracks: "As Far As Goodbyes Go," "Loose Lipped Error"

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Steve Hammond