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November 6, 2004

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I was disappointed in early September, when I found out that a Breather Resist show was cancelled in Worcester. To my luck, they played Providence in October, but back surgery recovery kept me from it. James went to do the interview, but Evan's cell phone was shot, meaning that he couldn't contact him. James was a dollar short to get into the show, so he went home. Breather Resist is a great live band with a great new album, Charmer, and I give props to David at Jade Tree for sending the interview to Evan, and to Evan for replying so quickly with some really great answers..

1. Introduce yourself...

My name is Evan and I play guitar in Breather Resist.

2. Why is Jade Tree a good choice for you guys?

Jade Tree is a good choice for any band. I think maybe you should ask them why Breather is a good choice for the label. HAHA! Seriously, they have always been One of the best independent record labels. Now that we are actually friends with Everyone who helps run things and the bands. We really feel like we are a part of family. They understand what we are trying to do musically, lyrically, and Everything else in between.

3. How is Jade Tree different from Deathwish as a label (from what you've seen)?

Deathwish is a great label. Without our friends there supporting us and releasing our first EP we would be were we are now. We aren't fans of a lot of the bands on Deathwish, but that doesn't discredit them or the label. Nothing they release is garbage; it's more like we just aren't into it. Now that we have a record on Jade Tree we are getting noticed by a entirely different crowd and people who never even new we existed.

4. Touring is...

Touring is very important for us right now because our record just came out. Our ultimate goal is to be able to find as many people as possible to share and enjoy our music, but it is really hard. There are so many bands touring and it's hard to try to make your own identity with out playing with the larger bands in our genre. I don't want to take some of some of someone else's fame. We want to work hard and play with bands that have no egos. So many bands can't go out on tour on their own and survive. They only do big support tours and no one really cares or connects with a band if they don't do their own tour. We might do a support tour here and there, but we are always going to come back through on our own.

5. About how long does it take you to write a song?

Songs can take a few months to piece together so that we are all happy, but we honestly write songs really fast. We are actually taking a break from writing. It's kind of funny because I always hear bands say "we are taking a break to write," but we are kind of the opposite. Most of our favorite songs are the ones we wrote the fastest.

6. Do you think that there is a big difference if someone watches you guys live as opposed to listening to your record?

There is a huge difference between us live and recorded. Sometimes certain parts of listening to songs can't be understood until seeing us live. The amount of energy that we all put into playing a show is also extremely important. What a recording is made to do is document the energy and sounds of our band in the best possible way. They you can take a small piece of what we are doing home with you to possibly enjoy on a regular basis.

7. I saw you guys play Providence sometime in 03 and about five people were watching you. About 30 people were up front watching you when you played Providence in February of 04. Have you noticed growing crowds as you continue to tour?

That is a perfect example of if we keep on working hard people will take note and look deeper into what we are doing. What has become really important to us as a band is to play the states and cities that the average band avoids. Maybe some band draws 300 people in Baltimore, but in Delaware they can only draw 100. They decide not to ever play there again... that is lame. Playing music should be about struggling to some degree. I wish we could find the more popular local bands in every city that doesn't get many shows and team up with them to try to bring some sort of community through music in there lives. We just played to about 80 people in Providence and we had a lot of people asked us when we are coming back.

8. Is Breather Resist a full time band?


9. Put these in order of importance: Money, Family, Fun, Growth, Stability.

This is kind of strange, but oh well... Stability, Family, Growth, Fun, and money being least important.

10. Name one album, besides your own, that you think all kids should own.

This is hard because there is always a few that I am obsessing over at all times. I am going to have to go with the Jesus Lizard's GOAT.

11. Are you going to vote in this upcoming election?

Yes, as everyone should be because we have to get that idiot out of office before we are paying more for it then we already are.

12. Final comments...

Thanks for being interested.

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