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June 2, 2004

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"I like to think Tim and I are putting records out not just for younger people, but for people who are getting a little older and starting to think, 'Do I want to be part of this anymore? What's exciting about this?' This label is our answer."

I just turned twenty-six, and I think it's safe to say that the punk-rock scene is something I'm going to be a part of until the day I breathe my last breath. Darren Walters' (co-founder with Tim Owen) statement perfectly reflects why Jade Tree is one of the finest indie labels out there today. With an impressive catalog of releases (93 to date) and an extensive fifteen years as a label, Jade Tree currently has one of the most exciting and varied rosters around (Denali, Onelinedrawing, Strike Anywhere, Cex, Pedro the Lion, Despistado, Jets To Brazil, Girls Against Boys, among others). Emulating the DIY ethics of such labels as Dischord and Touch and Go, Jade Tree consistently releases solid rockin' albums. Some of the first Jade Tree records I bought were The Promise Ring's 30º Everywhere and Lifetime's Jersey's Best Dancers. Needless to say these are still some of the most played albums in my collection.

Location Is Everything Vol. 2 is an affordable compilation (seriously, for only $5, how can you say no?) that showcases a small part of the great talent Jade Tree contains. These Arms Are Snakes, Cex, Strike Anywhere, Statistics, Paint It Black, Denali, From Ashes Rise, Onelinedrawing, Challenger, Ester Drang, Kid Dynamite, Fury, Joan of Arc, Milemarker, and Jets to Brazil all have one previously released album track on the compilation. Location Is Everything does contain five bonus tracks. There are live tracks by From Ashes Rise and Paint It Black, unreleased songs by Cex, Statistics, and Onelinedrawing doing a cover of Pedro the Lion's "Rapture", plus an unreleased demo version of "I Do" from Pedro the Lion.

Even if some of these bands are already familiar to you, the extra tracks should be incentive enough to pick up this inexpensive compilation that displays some great songs and diverse styles by a group of awesome indie rockers. Three words: Jade Tree Rocks!

Manatee Bound

Ken Hawk