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August 27, 2003

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Another band that features ex/current members of Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, and Good Riddance. Honestly I wanted to check out None More Black before this one, but I’ll have to live with this JUGGERNAUT OF HARDCORE. I don’t think Jade Tree knows what they’re getting themselves into with this band. Its hard, TOUGH, pissed at the world, start a circle pit in your living room, do front flips on your bed music! WOW. This band doesn’t pull any punches either. Think Negative Approach and Slapshot mixed with Kid Dynamite without the pop. Songs range from 25 seconds to about two minutes. Loaded with hardcore goodness I already see this one being a favorite.

For a while I decided I was gonna stop listening to hardcore in general… then I bought the American Nightmare "Background Music" LP and got slapped in the face… this is another slap in the face. Real Hardcore is still out there… mixed in with all the Poison the Well knockoffs there's still a threat and this record shows it beautifully.

A lot of frustration is depicted in the lyrics about people that grow up and abandon hardcore music… I can relate, because I feel like the jaded kid they’re screaming about in every other song... see I told you it was a slap in the face! Cannibal is a fierce straight edge anthem. The Fine Art of Falling Apart deals with staying true to the music that you grew up listening to… it is dedicated to Ari and other members of the above mentioned bands. The insert is bizarre. The Extreme Close Ups of the pretty mugs of the boys in the band is totally out of place… along with the lame cover art and “CVA” title, which has no explanation. Great record though. Check it out. Less Deicide, more Minor Threat indeed.

Life in a Bungalow

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