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March 8, 2005

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Rejoice as today marks the release of [I]Paradise[/I] (JT1103), the second slab of unbridled assault from Philadelphia’s outlaw sons [B]PAINT IT BLACK[/B]. Hot on the heels of [I]CVA[/I], [I]Paradise[/I] picks up where it’s predecessor left off: understandably angry, astutely anthemic, and painfully unabashed. Dan Yemin and crew take the formula for passionate hardcore and rewrite the rulebook from the ground up. The J Robbins produced end result features flashes of Sonic Youth, hints of My Bloody Valentine, and on one song drops a healthy dose of acoustic guitars to help turn the tired and cold blooded notion of legless mall punk inside out.

That’s not to say this is by any means an empty or heartless gesture, [I]Paradise[/I] is as personal and politically inflamed as aggressive music comes, a challenging look at our current global crisis and a glare inward at the domestic minefield of divorce. Heartfelt, groundbreaking, and a must have for anyone who still believes in the transcendent powers of art, [I]Paradise[/I] is as creative and refreshing as popular music can be.


1. Election Day
2. Pink Slip
3. [URL]/mp3/Paint_It_Black-Exit_Wounds.mp3|Exit Wounds|EXTERNAL[/URL]
4. Ghosts
5. The New Brutality
6. Athiests In Foxholes
7. Nicaragua
8. Labor Day
9. Burn The Hive
10. Panic
11. Angel
12. The Pharmacist
13. 365
14. Memorial Day

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