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January 8, 2008

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All pictures by Jason Bergman

Even though The New Lexicon doesn’t hit the streets for another month, Paint It Black brought the party to the City of Brotherly Love to celebrate their third full-length and, of course, Philly’s independent culture. The guys made sure to keep the weekend action-packed with plenty of great bands and Saturday’s matinee was no exception.

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Staring things off was Mike McKee’s Amateur Party. The guys don’t play a ton of shows but they usually find themselves on some pretty killer lineups. Unlike Mike’s other projects (Kill The Man Who Questions, Armalite), the band has more of a Ted Leo-meets-Paul Weller feel to it. Check them out!

Brooklyn’s Dustheads may be young, but they have the age, precision, and amped up aggression of a classic 80s-era hardcore band. A ton of NYC people made the trip down I-95 (or via Chinatown Bus) to show the guys some support at the F.U. Church. It wasn’t very surprising that a huge pit erupted several times during the band’s set, sending bodies flying all over the room. I am really looking forward to seeing where this band goes in the next few years and hopefully everyone will stop asking me if they broke up when I play them at work.

There have been a lot of rumors of late hinting at the impending disbanding of garage pop-punkers The Marked Men. No word on whether or not this is a valid claim, but the boys didn’t seem phased at all during their set. There were a few in attendance that were bobbin’ along to the boys classic sound but it seemed like it was lost on most. The band’s set wasn’t as mindblowing as it was down in Gainesville for the Fest VI but one can only hope that some of the people in attendance bought all of their records and educated themselves. Seriously, will their last full-length Fix My Brain (Swami) ever lose steam? I still listen to that record on a pretty regular basis.

I feel like I’ve seen World/Inferno Friendship Society about forty times in the last year. The guys have been on stages large and small promoting the heck out of their latest longplayer, Addicted To Bad Ideas (Chunksaah). Crazed stage-antics, rabid fans, circus-freak lovin’ melodies; this band will soon be as popular as Gogol Bordello. You gotta hand it to them, they are without a doubt one of the most entertaining live acts out there today.

Every once and awhile anticipation for a record builds and builds until it feels like an entire scene is waiting its arrival. I think it’s safe to say that Paint It Black’s new record could be placed into that category. I’ll have plenty to say about it in a month and I’m sure you will too but for now, Dan Yemin and crew took the spotlight to bring those new songs to life and play a handful of band staples along the way.

The crowd was a bit exhausted after yet another rawkus-filled performance from World/Inferno but that didn’t stop the band from calling them out for the lack of stage diving. They even brought up their infamous call for “infinity plus one” stage dives from Fest VI. As expected, the crowd erupted, with kids giving it their best. There were several “holy shit” moments. Man, I felt bad for those poor skulls up front. Comes with the territory I suppose. While I may have avoided the skull-crushing this time around, the band is just as engaging from the back as they are when you are screaming along to every word up front.

While Sunday’s show may have been the hardcore-oriented one, I definitely preferred this lineup. The diversity of every band paid off and the first record release show was an excellent celebration for Paint It Black’s opus.

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