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March 16, 2005

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A record of the year, isn't it too early? When David Wagenschutz hits the first beats hard during the opening of "Election Day", I just knew that this album will reach much further and it's going to be great. "Exit Wound" came as a very catchy toon with a great hookline and chorus, while "The New Brutality" has the best ending part when I thought it's music meant to bruise till the end of it. It's unexpected. It's awesome. Paint It Black with a new guitarist has cram in as many chops and changes as possible in this album and coming over as an interesting blast of lightning and thunder, especially in "365" and have the nerve to end with an acoustic riffs and singalong parts in "Memorial Day". The whole album have been the best HC/Punk can offer with a devastating wall of noise that makes every Hardcore bands all over wish they would have written "Paradise". The album title doesn't reflects the album's political/personal lyrical stances and observations on the America crumbling politics. Dan Yemin particularly likes focusing on the decaying of it all. Still, it doesn't affect the sharp stabbing, heavy crunching sound that Paint It Black make on this second album, and once the CD slides into place and your ears are assaulted by Dan's view of the world, it's not difficult to conjure up the thought that he had in mind. The thought of pain, frustration, anger and hopes for the better that, if he's ignored, are sure to be repeated.

Embrace Zine