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August 8, 2003

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Most cities have a cyclical history to their punk scenes, and Philadelphia is no exception. The duo of Dan Yemin and Dave Wagenschutz (GOOD RIDDANCE) has helped lead the charge of more than one wave, first in the mid-'90s in the legendary LIFETIME and then again with KID DYNAMITE. Now, reunited in PAINT IT BLACK, the duo is poised to kick off yet another chapter of passionate and threatening music. PAINT IT BLACK marks Yemin's vocal debut and introduces Dave Hause (THE CURSE) on guitar and Aandy Nelson (AFFIRMATIVE ACTION JACKSON) on bass. In less than a year of solid playing, the band has already garnered a strong local following while building anticipation for its first full-length, CVA. Continuing a natural although not too common progression, PAINT IT BLACK delivers unabashed, uncompromising hardcore, negating the preconceived boundaries between the personal, political, melodic and aggressive, accentuating a much-appreciated axiom: maximum intensity. CVA is highly recommended for fans of BLACK FLAG, SEVEN SECONDS and FAITH.

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