Oh man. The rock is about to be in full force all over the globe by the time we finish writing these words to you. While LORDS wrap up their tour in support of the brand new sonic maelstrom that is Swords (JT1107), four more of Jade Tree’s finest are about to take it to the streets.

First off, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES will hit the road once again opening for the mighty Minus the Bear. This dynamic duo will cover most of the US from September 7th to the 25th. Thunderbirds Are Now!, Criteria, The New Trust and City on Film will be along for the ride on some of these shows as well.

Next, PEDRO THE LION will open their arms to the lovely people of Europe and the UK starting September 7th as well. The tour will last until September 20th and hit most of Western Europe and England. Dazid Bazan and co. will be bringing The Amazing Pilots along for the ride to boot.

Not to be outdone and fresh off tour with Pelican and Red Sparrowes, BREATHER RESIST just refuse to stop touring. This time they will be taking it to the Northeast and Canada with Louisville buddies Coliseum in tow. This tour also starts on September 7th and last until the 17th.

Finally, PAINT IT BLACK will go on a "tour" of states whose names start with the letter "M," but I think somebody forgot to tell them about Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana. Nevertheless, heads up Maryland and Massachusetts! Paint It Black’s a’comin’ for ya!

Please check the for all of the dates and specifics.

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