Jade Tree co-owner Tim Owen was removed from a local showing of the new movie "Cats and Dogs" after an altercation in the aisles. As the lights dimmed and the previews began, Mr. Owen, who was reportedly in possession of one Manx cat named Lydia (the kind with no tail) and a large tub of popcorn (no butter), began ranting about the many weaknesses of the canine persuasion and that "Dogs suck". When a man two rows down informed Mr. Owen that he and his cat better "Shut their damn mouths", Mr. Owen began throwing popcorn at the man, later identified as "Spuds McKenzie", while Lydia clawed Mr. McKenzie’s facial area. No charges were filed, but both Mr. Owen and Ms. Lydia were escorted out of the theater by security and asked not to return. This is the second time Mr. Owen has been involved in altercations at this particular theater in the past few months.

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