First the sad and then the hopeful news…

THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES founding member and masterful skin-smasher, Joe Preston, has left the band to focus on different pursuits. We all adore Joe and, though we will miss him horribly, wish him all the luck in the world – our glasses are raised. Replacing him for now on all upcoming shows is Minus the Bear’s Erin Tate, whom we welcome with open arms.

Furthermore following his farewell show in Seattle this past Thursday Preston found himself on the receiving end of a semi-truck during the drive home with show openers Belt of Vapor. The rental van hit a slick in the road, fishtailed, and spun 180 into oncoming traffic. The bleary eyed rockers were startled to be staring down an oncoming semi-truck, who quickly swerved only to wind up scratching the van and sending it careening back the other direction. Luckily nobody was injured too badly as the worst of the bunch went home with stitches – the rental van on the other hand had seen better days.

Now for some brighter gossip. THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, who released the startling THIS IS MEANT TO HURT YOU CDEP (JT1084) just this past August, will be suiting up with Seattle brethren to put out a split on later this year. Both bands recently recorded material with (Soundgarden, Nirvana) and that effort is currently being mixed and mastered. While all parties want you to believe that it was a pleasant and professional exchange, we at Jade Tree know better. This is, by all accounts, an old school “battle” EP with 2 original dis-tracks from each band and one final blazing guitar showdown, to settle the score.

Our bets are on TAAS as they:

a. Fight way dirty
b. Play too loud
c. Are currently planning their rockin’ Jade Tree full length on which we’ll leak more news as it comes in.

Until then here’s the track listing for those keeping score:

1. Payday Loans (TAAS)
2. Neverlander (Harkonen)
3. Hook On This (TAAS)
4. Standing On Holey Soles (Harkonen)
5. Touched For The Very First Time (Harkonen with TAAS)

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