THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES debut full length, Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home (JT1097) comes screeching it’s way into stores today. Produced by Matt Bayles (From Ashes Rise, Blood Brothers, Pretty Girls Make Graves) the album sparkles with a tight, visceral momentum. A danceable mixture of squelching hooks and throbbing atmosphere, both angular and infectious this is the record THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES set out to make, a confident testimonial, a vicious revision, and a true confrontation in every sense of the word. The band has been sweating up a storm the last few weeks currently on the road with the Richmond-bred Engine Down, kicking a mix of new tracks as well as all the hits off of last years EP.

Our buddies over at will be releasing the vinyl and be sure to check the band out as they finish out this leg of the tour and plan to terrorize the country beginning November 10th with the noise cowboys in Isis.


Please consult the These Arms Are Snakes for current dates.

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