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Seattle’s noisemakers THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES are playing through the pain. After this year’s CMJ, covered in equal parts blood and sweat, the band hobbled off stage with a series of sprained limbs, at least one broken hand, and a roomful of dropped jaws.

The foursome have been out in support of their recent full length, , and night after night folks who might have seen them open for hometown compatriots Minus The Bear or The Blood Brothers in the past are confounded by a band that has developed into a massive headliner in their own right.

Critics have also been bowled over. Alternative Press wondered, "How many records released this year will make you think and sweat? I know of at least one" and Terrorizer echoed “[Easter is] Like Refused and Radiohead had a baby that avoided all the faults of its parents.” Even the ever hip URB magazine calls Easter "Some of the grooviest whatever-core you’ll hear all year"

Now most bands might consider the job done and simply pull up their pants and head home, but THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES are not nearly so lazy. The band recently completed work on their first proper video to date. Produced by Artificial Army [Mars Volta, Thursday, Coheed and Cambria] the video is an equal parts homage to innocence lost as it is an expose on the image obsessed underbelly of celebrity culture; replete with drugs, handclaps, pulsing privates, and a wide eyed pink pony.

The band finishes up it’s full US tour this month, before headed to the UK for a few pints and back for their first hometown stop, December 15th at Neumo’s. 2007 will see the bands slaying non-stop, first stop? A trip to Japan with Boris & Isis. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Easter is also now available for online .


1. Mescaline Eyes
3. Subtle Body
4. Desert Ghost
5. Child Chicken Play
6. Hell’s Bank Notes
7. Abracadabraca
8. Deer Lodge
9. Lady North
10. Perpetual Bris
11. Coporeal
12. Crazy Woman Dirty Train

Vinyl is available from

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