The Promise Ring Part of Insound 10 Classic Series by Designer Mike Perry

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The good folks at have just released an exclusive Promise Ring design as part of their Insound 10 Classic design project. Here is the word directly from Insound:

We’re so pleased to tell you that The Promise Ring is part of a brand new design project called the Insound 10 Classic, along with nine other great bands, including Sunny Day Real Estate, Sleater-Kinney, Beat Happening and others. The project was put together by and artist/deigner/writer Mike Perry (). Mike did a new design for each band and the designs are being silk-screened onto posters, t-shirts and record totes. Everything is limited edition and the posters are signed and numbered. Insound is now taking pre-orders and products are supposed to arrive in mid-September. This is a very cool project and we do hope you like the designs. Please check it out at:

If your CD shelves or hard drive is missing any of the The Promise Ring catalog, take some time to complete it with their three seminal albums – (JT1035), (JT1043) and (JT1026) – as well as their many on Jade Tree.

All Jade Tree releases can also be found on and , among a host of .

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