Oh what a week it was last week! Jade Tree conquered this year’s annual SXSW in Austin, TX with tons of partying, hijinx, and rocking and rolling sets by the cream of the JT crop.

Night one, which featured STATISTICS, ESTER DRANG, and PEDRO THE LION, was held in conjunction with , and was the perfect show to start off the JT SXSW experience. It proved that you don’t have to be loud and heavy to knock people’s socks off.

Night two was a partnership with , which saw THE LOVED ONES, BREATHER RESIST, FROM ASHES RISE, and THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES blowing attendees freaking minds with aurally numbing sets.

Overall, JT bands had a presence throughout, with bands like PEDRO, STATS, and TAAS playing more than once and making the most of their 15 hour plus drives and other assorted band members drunkenly stumbling from one show or BBQ to another. You get the ideas-lots of beer, lots of fun, lots of .

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