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While we all know STRIKE ANYWHERE guitarist Matt Sherwood is a good looking young man, we would never have guessed that he would one day be hand selected by tennis superstar Anna Kournikova as the Nation’s most "Completely Irresistible Face."

Sherwood, fresh off a tour in support of this years compelling rock masterpiece, Exit English (JT1087), was entered on a lark into the competition by his girlfriend Aran. Little did she know that out of an amazing 1,200 applicants Sherwood would be selected to win the grand prize worth a total of $25,000.

Kournikova presented Sherwood with a complete electronics prize package, including an HDTV plasma display, surround-sound system, integrated DVD recorder and digital video camera. In addition, Sherwood will fly to a photo shoot later this year for the chance to appear in an upcoming Gillette Complete Skincare television commercial."It was a thrill to kick off the search in New York and to surprise the winner," said Kournikova. "Matthew is truly irresistible-looking and it was fun to tell him so!" Sherwood was chosen by Gillette’s panel of judges based on two criteria – the overall healthy appearance of his skin and his overall appeal. "I didn’t realize Aran had entered me until I received a call saying that I was a finalist," said Sherwood. "I never thought of myself as irresistible – so this is pretty cool!" As for Sherwood’s take on the surprise visit by Kournikova, he said, "Opening the door to see Anna was unbelievable enough…. and then, I found out that I won, which made the whole experience even more incredible. This has been amazing."

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