STRIKE ANYWHERE, having just finished a hearty east coast tour with label mates THE LOVED ONES, are now planning the rest of 2005. The band’s highly moshable odds & ends collection To Live In Discontent (JT1101) has been flying off the shelves since it’s late January release and in order to celebrate the band is going to try and enter Japan again – after last year’s Exit English the boys headed off to Japan and Australia with Jade Tree co-owner Darren Walters, only to be stopped at the gate, arrested, and held for questioning before being denied entrance – fingers crossed and knock on wood that the same doesn’t occurred this trip.

While the rest of us wait for further stateside touring news, you can always visit the band’s and stream an acoustic 3 song radio show taped for local Richmond, VA station, Y101.

Please consult the Strike Anywhere for current dates.

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