As both bands have long since been friends and are now newly label mates, it only makes sense that THE LOVED ONES and STRIKE ANYWHERE share the stage. On the cusp of their new releases, To Live In Discontent (JT1101) and the self-titled The Loved Ones CDEP(JT1102) respectively, the bands will play a series of east coast shows beginning February 3 in Richmond and running up the East Coast to Philadelphia before STRIKE ANYWHERE get on a plane and head over to Japan.

While we are at it we’d like to send a shout out to Andrew Fields of Redington Shores, FL. Andrew recently won a pair of tickets and backstage passes for the show on 2.5.05 at The State Theatre in St Petersburg.

Please consult the Strike Anywhere for current dates.
Please consult the Loved Ones for current dates.

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