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It’s here and it’s ready! Are you? Omaha’s Denver Dalley fires a barrage of crafty songs with STATISTICS newest release, Often Lie. Apparently there is an endless supply of compelling songs in Denver’s front pockets, and his new record, backed by echoing power chords and a voice that is as soothing as it is compelling, proves this yet again. Often Lie is rife with the musical clatter of hurtling guitars, intermittent electronic splashes, and lyrical disarmament that pops and settles while the CD plays on.

Desaparecidos co-songwriter Dalley delivers the goods here, delicate odes to forgotten radio DJs and loves lost are peppered with electronic flourishes while crushing choruses beautifully butt up against a melancholic wash of breathtaking production. Often Lie is in many ways the record Dalley has been hinting at since STATISTICS inception: moving, buoyant, and as revealing a snapshot as any record that has trickled out of the Midwest.

If you need further proof feel free to check out STATISTICS where you can stream the entire record front to back, you lucky dog you.

2. Nobody Knows Your Name
3. Say You Will
4. No Promises
5. A Foreward
6. By(e) Now
7. Begging to Be Heard
8. At the End
9. 10.22

Please consult the Statistics for the dates.

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