STATISTICS LEAVE YOUR NAME LP/CD (JT1091) is available for pre-order today (Released January 20, 2004). The debut full length opens with a hushed electro-whisper that is quickly squashed by a rising blanket of guitars surging into a grand crescendo, all culminating in a hypnotic keyboard rumble that finishes the track out…and that’s just the first 5 minutes!

STATISTICS front man (and main songwriter in DESAPARECIDOS), Denver Dalley refuses to be pinned down to any one style and the record spans the sonic spectrum with an impressive collection of power pop song craft, steadfast hooks and textural soundscapes. A temperamental CURE married to the booming rock of ZWAN, Twin Peaks if scored by labelmate PEDRO THE LION- the distinctive, eleven-song Leave Your Name, is a bittersweet gem, a singular vision, and lays claim to a sound that is very much it’s own.

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