STATISTICS LEAVE YOUR NAME LP/CD (JT1093) is right out the gate and already making waves. Back to back issues of Rollingstone have zeroed in on Denver Dalley’s glitchy brand of wide eyed, spatial song-craft (or as they put it, “dreamy, seductive melancholia.”) as the indie-release to bet on in 2004 and Spin’s “Next Big Thing’s” Issue gives LEAVE YOUR NAME a solid B, advising, "pick a style, kid; we’ll make you famous.”

As reviews keep pouring in it seems like they’re not alone in thinking so:

Furthermore, following the cancellation of Desaparecidos’ jaunt on the Plea for Peace tour has left Denver with a straight-outta-the-oven-hot record and a bunch of free time. His immediate solution? Tour like hell! So be sure to check the Jade Tree site for constant updates and show your support for STATISTICS as they round the country playing with Engine Down throughout February.

Please consult the Statistics for current dates.

Booking info: [EMAIL][/EMAIL]

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