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Hotlanta is not normally known for it’s glacial indie rock but if things continue to roll for the boys and girl in SNOWDEN, Outkast will have to bow to the cuts on the sparkling Anti-Anti. As the weeks and months leading up to the release of the band’s Jade Tree debut melted away, it became readily apparent that the group was onto something legit. Now on the eve of their tour and only a day after their record hit stores SNOWDEN is officially the "most blogged about band on the internet" according to . In addition, SNOWDEN‘s debut single Anti-Anti is also the most posted mp3 on the blogs this month. Not bad. But that’s not all the love only continues from , , , , and .

SNOWDEN started their yesterday, so bring them some banana bread and go see what the hype is all about.

1. Like Bullets
3. My Murmuring Darling
4. Filler is Wasted
5. Black Eyes
6. Between the Rent and Me
7. Counterfeit Rules
8. Innocent Heathen
9. Stop Your Bleeding
10. Kill the Power
11. Victim Card
12. Sisters

Please consult the SNOWDEN for current dates.

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