Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home (JT1097) is, in many ways, the completion of the promise made with the potential of This is Meant to Hurt You (JT1084). The hooks are thicker, the guitars bigger and the songs are a simply stunning culmination of a years hard work and dedication. The album sparkles with a tight, visceral momentum, both angular and infectious. This is the record THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES set out to make, a confident testimonial, a vicious revision, and a true confrontation in every sense of the word.

Brian Cook – bass, microkorg, vocals, pump organ
Ryan Frederiksen – guitar, pump organ
Steve Snere – vocals, microkorg
Erin Tate – drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Matt Bayles – guitar, percussion
Derik Frederikson – switches
Mark Gajadhar – drums
Demian Johnston – guitar
Dave Knudson – guitar
Ben Verellen – bass

Produced by Matt Bayles and TAAS at Litho and Spectra South
Engineered and mixed by Matt Bayles at A’vast
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Designed by Ryan Frederiksen

1. The Shit Sisters
2. Angela’s Secret
3. Big News
4. Tracing
5. Your Pearly Whites
6. Gadget Arms
7. Greetings from the Great North Woods
8. La Stanza Bianca
9. Darlings of New Midnight
10. Oxeneer
11. Idaho