The long out-of-print first pressings of this record were so raw and vicious that even our jaded ears were damaged. Still, even after remastering, repackaging, and repressing this three-song coup d’etat for an unsuspecting public, this EP remains the frantic and fucked-up work of art that propelled UOA into the basements of America’s disenfranchised youth and, eventually, into the Kill Rock Stars stable – which probably worked out okay for us. We’re still getting over this one. (Also available as part of Jade Tree’s retrospective CD, The First Five Years (JT1050)

1. Symptom
2. Visible Distance
3. Flux

Colin Seven: Vocals
Tonie Joy: Guitar
Bass: Scott Malat
Brooks Headley: Drums
Recorded August 1993
Released October 1993
Recorded by Tony French in Baltimore, MD
Mastered by Michael Sarsfield at Frankford Wayne, NYC
Graphic Assembly by Jason Farrell (1st Pressing), John Yates (2nd, & 3rd Pressing)
Photography by Robert Andrews (1st Pressing), Glenn Maryansky (2nd Pressing)