NEW END ORIGINAL’S first record is a big rock blast – a solid combination of everything that made the members’ previous outfits (Far, Texas Is The Reason, Chamberlain) so compelling, but carefully relevant and blissfully unguarded all the same. An exercise in diversity, Thriller is as raw as it is calculated, shuffling from high-energy hard rock to meticulously crafted pop song craft and Velvets-styled melancholy both seamlessly and unapologetically.

Songs and performances by Charles Walker, Scott Winegard, Norman Arenas and Jonah Matranga.
Recorded June 2001
Released October 2, 2001
Produced by Brian McTernan and New End Original at Salad Days Studios, Beltsville, MD, June 2001. Engineered and Mixed by Brian McTernan. Additional production on Track 04 by Anthony Eichler at Phase Recording Studios, College Park, MD. Mastered by Allan Douches at West West Side Music, Hohoken, NJ, July 2001.
Original artwork by Sean Greene.
Art Direction by New End Original.
Construction by Jason Gnewikow.

1. Lukewarm.
2. 14-41.
3. Hostage.
4. Leper Songs
5. Titanic.
6. Better Than Ever.
7. Weary Progress.
8. #1 Defender.
9. Halo
10. The Name.
11. Better Than You.