Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems

This posthumous release contains songs culled from every compilation and split release, cover songs, the original six-song demo, a live radio appearance, and assorted demo versions of KID DYNAMITE classics. The CD also includes a booklet with extensive liner notes written by the band and a bonus DVD of never before seen live footage and photos, as well as flyers. This DVD has Region 0 encoding.

Kid Dynamite was:
Jason Shevchuk: Vocals
David Wagenschutz: Drums
Dan Yemin: Guitar, Bass on tracks 1-3 & 5
Steve Ferrell: Bass on tracks 4 & 6-20
Michael “Spider” Cotterman: Bass on tracks 21-29
Layout: JD @ Comfortable Lead
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

1. Heart a Tact
2. Breakin’ a Memory
3. Give ‘em the Ripped One
4. Two for Flinching

5. Rise Above
6. Deny Everything
7. Hateful
8. I Don’t Wanna Hear it
9. Macho Insecurities

10. Showoff
11. Sweet Shop Syndicate
12. Never Met the Gooch
13. Fuckuturn
14. Scarysmurf
15. The Ronald Miller Story

16. Bookworm
17. The Unheard Chorus
18. 32 Frames
19. Wristrocket
20. News @ 11
21. Death and Taxes
22. S.O.S.

23. Heart a Tact
24. Handy with the Tounge Sword
25. KO5-O564
26. Never Met the Gooch
27. The Penske File
28. Ph. Decontrol
29. Deny Everything