In State

We have no idea what “twee” is either, but as long as the critics are falling over themselves trying to find new ways to differentiate pop music into a thousand different genres, allow us to introduce you to EGGS – “proto-twee” if you will. This D.C. indie pop outfit pulled at heartstrings, soothed the soul, made room for a trombone, and managed to break up before SPIN could come up with a new sub genre for them. Forgive us for taking it upon ourselves. (Also available as part of Jade Tree’s retrospective CD, The First Five Years (JT1050)

1. Sexual Tension
2. In State
3. Fever

Andrew Beaujon: Vocals, Guitar, Organ
Evan Shurak: Bass, Vocals
Rob Christiansen: Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Additional Musicians:
Meredith Hostetter: Flute
Recorded November 1992
Released January 1993
Recorded at WGNS, VA
Engineered by Jeff Turner
Produced by Jeff & Eggs
Mastered by Michael Sarsfield at Frankford Wayne, NYC
Layout/Graphics by Andrew Beaujon