How Memory Works

Hardly a singles album, the second full-length for this Chicago avant-rock troupe is a diverse collection of material that brings the band dabbling in electro-ambient and finding new inspiration in the studio-as-instrument concept. ¬†At the same time, we’d deceptive if we neglected to mention that certain tracks – like the startling “This Life Cumulative” and “God Bless America” – just plain rock the old fashioned way. But we wouldn’t want to spoil your preconceptions.

1. Honestly Now
2. Gin & Platoni
3. To’ve Had Two Of
4. This Life Cumulative
5. A Pale Orange
6. White Out
7. So Open; Hooray
8. A Name
9. Osmosis Doesn’t Work
10. God Bless America
11. A Party Able Model Of

Tim Kinsella
Sam Zurick
Jeremy Boyle
Eirc Bocek
Mike Kinsella

Additional Muscians:

Marty Ackley: Musical Saw on 9
Zach Fiocca: Vibraphone on 3
Julie Pomerleau: Violin, Viola on 3, 11
Griffin Rodriquez: Cello on 3

Recorded October 1997 – February 1998
Released May 1998

Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 recorded at Electrical Audio, IL
Engineered & Mixed by Casey Rice
Assistance by Rob Bochnik & Greg Norman
Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11 recorded at Truckstop, and Elliot Dicks’ old loft
Engineered & Mixed by Elliot
Sequenced by K.C. at Dan’s Hal Klazzikz
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, NJ
Cover Painting by Jeremy Boyle
Layout by Jason Gnewikow