Long before the letter E stood for a three-letter curse word that some of your favorite bands still can’t manage to utter, it stood for EIDOLON – a Boston-based group that was blending hardcore aesthetics with a pop sensibility years before the rest of the world caught on. It’s not too late to catch up.

C. Todd Ransick: Vocals, Guitar
Vic Bondi: Backing Vocals, Guitar
Ross Stevenson: Bass
Mitch Rothhardt: Drums

Recorded August 1991
Released July 1992

Recorded at Fort Apache, MA
Engineered by Lou Giordano
Produced by Lou & Vic Bondi
Mastered at Future Disc by Eddie Schreyer, CA
Layout by Joseph A. Kleinberg
Typewriter Photo by Tim Owen
Mug Shot by Mike Spriggs

1. Cranes
2. Intrusion
3. Marlborough
4. Tathagata
5. Down
6. Truth
7. Note
8. Vent
9. Negate
10. Blind
11. Portray