A New Machine For Living

Ex-members of Pitchblende band together for a debut album that pits kraut rock versus hard rock and calls it a draw. There’s no shortage of fuzzboxes and feistiness over the album’s seven epic tracks, and we’re hard-pressed to think of the last record we heard that sounded as self-contained as it did unrestrained. Forget about math rock; the only thing you’ll be calculating is the volume.

1. 4/13/72
2. Flip-Book Oscilloscope
3. The Doodler
4. Robotronic
5. (Got My) Rock Pants On
6. On Form and Growth
7. Swiss Grid

Justin Chearno: Guitar
Scott DeSimon: Bass
Jerry Fuchs: Drums

Recorded October 1999
Released January 2000

Recording by Bill Kellum for VHF Mobile Labs
Production, Mixing, Programming, Additional Sounds and Treatments by James
Murphy & Tim Goldsworthy for DFA at Plantain Recording House, NYC
Assisting: DJ McNany
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, NJ
Layout by Jeremy Dean
Photography by Tim Owen