Due to recent events concerning the US Postal Service, Jade Tree is requesting that all customers attempt to use the following methods when ordering to insure faster and safer mail delivery:

1) When ordering from Jade Tree, whether domestic or International, your best bet for Jade Tree receiving your order in a timely manner is to simply utilize our online ordering function. We have seen a serious delay in receiving mail from our customers and ordering online will guarantee that your order is received at Jade Tree promptly.

2) When ordering within the US, choose the Priority Mail option. This seems to be a more efficient method of shipment right now than using the normally slower and less expensive Media Mail.

3) International customers should not be surprised if their orders take longer than usual to arrive. Please wait longer than normal before contacting Jade Tree regarding in order due to this situation.

Overall, please expect delays in receiving orders. While Jade Tree is continuing to fill orders everyday, regardless of which method you choose or where you live, there is no guarantee that you will receive your order as soon as you may expect. Jade Tree asks that you please be patient and use the methods we have outlined above as they may be the only way to expedite service.

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