These Arms are Snakes, Mouth of the Architect, Young Widows
The Living Room in Providence, RI
November 1, 2006

The crowd was pretty dead for the show when we first walked in. I was pretty surprised at this due to the awesomeness of the line up. Regardless, I knew I was gonna have a good time.

I don’t know the name of the first band that played, nor do I really care to. They played generic and boring metal with both melodic and screaming vocals. Some of the riffs were decent, but I wasn’t impressed. I spent their set watching the Celtics game, which kept me from walking around restlessly bored.

I was really looking forward to seeing Young Widows. I’ve always been a big Breather Resist fan, especially live, and I was expecting Young Widows to impress me as well. They did not disappoint me at all. They sounded like a lighter and more accessible Breather Resist, which I really enjoyed. All of the odd time signatures were there, but they weren’t as intense (which I liked better) or screamy. They three dudes in the band managed to sound loud as hell, and the singer/guitarist was pretty damn funny, though in a monotone and nonchalant way. I was very impressed with Young Widows.

Mouth of the Architect was pretty damn awesome. They only played three songs, but those three songs took about a half hour, and were full of epic and intense songs. They were slow but very energetic. Watching them reminded me of the time I saw High on Fire, dozed off and had all these crazy few second long hallucinigations. The same exact thing happened during Mouth of the Architect’s set. These guys were aweome, and a band that I want to see again soon.

As much as I like These Arms are Snakes, I had to wake up early and needed to get sleep. I’m sure they played a great set, and I’m bummed that I missed them.

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