Me likey, me really, really likey.

Sounding like the bastard offspring of early Jawbox and The Blood Brothers, Young Widows takes a darker turn with panache’. Post-hardcore rock never sounded so crisp and dissonant, to the end that this album lives and breathes with a life all of its own. YW just owns this music, grabbing the listener by the throat with an ardor and zeal unsurpassed in today’s scene.

Production beautifully captures the passion and violence, packing more energy into each track than seems humanly possible; all profit from a deft guiding hand. Vocals, while monotonous, carry significance and drive, never-ceasing to captivate. Guitars work overtime to weave sense and nonsense into each song creating some very interesting pieces. Distorted bass features as a central point and it gives consistency and structure to the melee’ – and gives me great flashbacks of Girls Against Boys style lines. Drums benefit the most from production as the fierce pounding is brought forward and then reined in to manifest into this divine juggernaut of an entity.

This genre is a hard one to nail. Through the spectrums you can always go "too" one way; too discordant, too heavy or too artsy – among others. But it seems with YW that they have perfected some scientific way of determining the exact center of the arc of sound to hit that sweet spot, accomplishing what has rarely been seen before. Bravo.

Almost every song is buzz worthy and different, creating a masterpiece of a record from back to front, although I will continue to come back for such greats as "Formererer", "Mirrorfucker" and "New Forest" – tracks that just slap me silly every time I listen to them. Rarely will I say this, so listen closely: Go get this album now.

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