Settle Down City is the harsh result of Kentucky’s Breather Resist losing its singer and changing its name to Young Widows. The cacophony that got shat out the other side is a glorious one; the album is an ear assault on the same plane as the now-trio’s former band, but shows the group’s experimental side as well. Rumbling drones and galloping rhythmatics are less metal than the band’s previous incarnation, and sometimes sound like a stop-start worship of the much-missed Jesus Lizard (one track here is called "Glad He Ate Her," a nod to the Liz’s "Gladiator"). Vocalist/guitarist Evan Patterson is no David Yow, and we don’t expect him to be; instead, Patterson drawls out a tortured yelp here and a powerful shout there (with help from bassist Nick Thieneman). Some of the wallowing in the mud will also please those who enjoy later-era Black Flag or the Rollins solo stuff. Mostly though, Young Widows concentrates on delivering what is one of the best groove-laden noise rock records in quite some time. One highlight is the floored ass-shaker "Small Talk."

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