Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

Comprising a whopping 21 tracks ‘Location… Vol 2′ is your typical label sampler in that there are a few artists you’ll probably heard off, ex-Far front man Jonah Matranga’s Onelinedrawing being the most prominent here, alongside a whole host of new names that you probably never knew existed. Thankfully the A&R men at Jade Tree clearly have a well-tuned ear for those artists with vast talent across a substantial musical spectrum. The most welcome surprise here comes form electro hip-hopper Cex, whose combination of The Faint’s throbbing intensity and the bass-heavy beats of the Beasties on the marvellous ‘Kill Me’ and ‘Cut Wrists’ stand out as things of unsurpassable genius. Elsewhere, Jets to Brazil impress with their classic brand of American college rock, Onelinedrawing’s rousing ‘We Had A Deal’ makes you remember just how indispensable and powerful great songwriting is, and Statistics prove that boundaries are there simply to be pushed and broken.

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