Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

This is easily one of the best compilations I’ve seen a long time. Jade tree managed to put together a killer album utilizing all the genres they encompass to spin together a solid and listenable album. It starts with an awesome song by seattle prog-rock band These Arms Are Snakes followed by an electronica infused Cex song followed shortly by a song from punk/hardcore masters Strike Anywhere. The best thing about this cd is that they mix up the styles really well. The low key Statistics song is followed directly by a frantic Paint it Black song. The slow broodingly melodic Ester Drang song is followed directly by a loud aggressive Kid Dynamite song. Other artists include: Denali, Challenger, Onelinedrawing, Fury, Joan of Arc, Milemarker, and Jets to Brazil. There are also six previously unreleased songs, highlighted by from ashes rise’s “Bloodlust” and Statistics’ “Another Space Song.” Basically, if you are into getting comps or looking for new music, pick this up because chances are very good there will be something you will like on it and it supports a label which has stayed true to the music and is devoted to the scene. Good stuff.

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