Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 1[/I] Review

This twenty-three track sampler from burgeoning Delaware indie label Jade Tree proves what you should already know: this is a quality label with a roster of quality bands. What do you get? You get one track apiece from the latest albums by the likes of Strike Anywhere, Denali, Milemarker, The Explosion, Zero Zero, New End Original, Owls, and nine others. Bonus: seven additional unreleased tracks from Girls Against Boys, Milemarker, Pedro the Lion, Jets to Brazil, Paint It Black, Mighty Flashlight, and The Promise Ring! The unreleased Pedro track, “Backwoods Nation,” a deeply cynical paean to rednecks and fratboys, by itself is worth your money. An excellent introduction from the one of the best labels out there, period. Why don’t you have this yet?

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