Trial By Fire [I]Ringing in the Dawn[/I] Review: B+


The biggest knock thus far on one of Jade Tree’s newest bands, Trial By Fire, is that they remind people too much of fellow label mates Strike Anywhere, the much lauded hardcore punk band from Virginia. Sure, both match high energy punk meets hardcore with strong political themes, both hail from the same area of the east coast. Trial By Fire reminds me much more of the late Kid Dynamite than they do Strike Anywhere, with more of a punk feel than the latter has. “Ringing In The Dawn” is a strong 11 song debut, straight forward and to the point that does little to set new ground but blazes an interesting trail nonetheless. Trial also has one of the most unsuitably named front men in punk rock, Jason Yawn, who’s lyrics are extremely critical of society and even those who choose to rebel. “Point An Inward Finger” is probably the best track of the album, finishing up with Jason growling that “no one is safe when there’s money to be made.” These guys are as punk as anyone and without any pretensions. It’s music that says something, pure and simple, image be damned. My only real complaint is that there just isn’t that much of it, the 11 songs fly by and leave me looking for more. Trial By Fire definitely lives up to the standards of their Jade Tree brothers past and present, and they have more than enough fire power to keep making noise well into the future. Be on the lookout, they’ll be touring all year.

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