Trial By Fire [I]Ringing in the Dawn[/I] Review

So when Jade Tree told me I they would send me the Trial by Fire cd, I was pretty stoked. I mean, I love Jade Tree. They are my hands down favorite label. So when the cd arrived today, I was all smiles. Until I put the cd in. I stopped smiling. I jumped for fucking joy. This is such an incredible cd. None of that pop-punk dribble here, that seems to be what the mall punks think is all the rage. This is straigh-up, no frills, bare knuckles hardcore punk. The way it should be. The guitars are intricate and clever, which is really showcased on the tracks Venegeance and Steps of St. Johns. The drums aren’t jumbled and and noisy, but driving and infectious. Makes you wanna tap along, with your feet or your fingers. Both, in my case. I couldn’t stop. One thing I hate is shitty, stupid, nonsense lyrics. But Trial by Fire’s lyrics are brilliant. Vocalist Jason Yawn has an incredible use of imagery in his music. Using thoughts of freedom and rebellion and taking a stand as the basis the songs. And to cap it all off, Brian McTernan produced this masterpiece. So in the end, what we have here is the first album of the year to guarantee its top ten spot come december. If you don’t get this cd, you really have to stop and ask yourself why.

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