THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES [I]This Is Meant to Hurt You[/I] Review

If you were expecting something loving and emo by the name of this record and the simple fact it’s a part of the infamous Jade Tree catalogue – think again! The vengeful and serpant like quality that their name alludes to, is perhaps a little closer to the truth and yet that’s still a million miles away from getting to the core of TAAS.

Their EP open and goes straight for the jugular with the dark, ethereal stylings of ‘Riding The Grape Dragon’. At one point it threatens like it will break into something thrashy and frenetic like At The Drive-In’s ‘One Armed Scissor’ but always one step ahead, it keeps you guessing with it’s sinister sounding, contorted guitars which loop from one ear to the other like they’ve got your brain in the midst of their garrotte wire strings and you’re on edge, just waiting for them to tighten…

…and then it snaps. In comes the thrash, the noise and the distortion; by track 2 it all ensues into premeditated mayhem. You can almost feel the chaos of the pit, the scrabbling bodies, the heat, the sweat and bruises and as quickly as it started it’d gone again, replaced with extensive melody and an eerie sense of calm.

Made up from ex-members of Botch and Kill Sadie, I think you’ve probably got a pretty good idea that TAAS are a little different from your average whatever-core band. To say their EP is expressive is to dampen it’s mood, to define it with any simple words is impossible – just listen and learn.

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