These Arms Are Snakes [I]Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go[/I] Review

"The Shit Sisters" is the first song on the album and I can’t get over how much it sounds like Perry Farrell singing with Rage Against The Machine. The randomness of their songs’ navigation is reminiscent of Fugazi and At The Drive In. All of these specs of influence are obviously a good thing unless you hate all the bands mentioned a forehand. My favorite song on Oxeneers is "Tracing" which is preceded by a slow organ track. The band is undeniably skilled and their lyrics are poetic without being sappy or lame. Steve Snere sings "You could have licked the lips of God, but you chose the pavement" and he doesn’t sound like he gives a shit if I know what he’s talking about, but that he definitely means it. The instrumentation and vocals are incredibly sincere, but it’s just one of those things that are unexplainable until you hear it for yourself. There are moments on the album where time is filled with spacious, heartfelt instrumentals that add an eeriness to the songs while making me wonder how long I had been listening to them which is unnerving, but nice to know that jam sessions in the middle of songs are still accepted amongst the musicians of this fine country we live in. These Arms Are Snakes is a definite listen to for those of you who appreciate sporadic instrumentation underlying the voice of a poet gone insane.

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