These Arms Are Snakes [I]Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go[/I] Review

It’s no case that the label releasing this record is Jade Tree. These guys from Delaware do have talent when it comes the time to recrute a band that plays something fresh and different from what most punk/hc/indie rock labels release these days.
With such an appealing line up (Featuring members of Nine Iron Spitfire and a band like Botch that paved the way for what is today called Mathcore) I knew I was going to listen to something worth my time. I just didn’t know what to expect with “The Lion sleeps when its antelope go home”, due to the fact that I hadn’t listened to the band’s previous ep ("This is meant to hurt you, always on Jade Three"). It’s kind of hard for me, even after various listens, fully describe you TAAS sounds, due to the fact that these guys build up and blend a sound all of their own which can’t be easily synthetized. It’s a like a mixture of elements belonging to different genres all thrown together in the same big pot: Post hc, prog rock (that’s what the reoccurring use of organs reminded me of) indie rock, stoner; TAAS fluently blend all these sonorities and deliver us 11 songs one profoundly different from the other, both in structure than atmosphere.
It’s too easy comparing this bands to act like The Blood Brothers. That’s just limitative, doesn’t make justice to these 4 guys. TAAS sound is much more various and experimental. Only band I feel like quoting here are The Mars Volta for the analogies in the “experimentation process”.

Needless to say, this album requires repeated listens before being fully appreciated. It’s not something that you will find yourself out singing along once you’ve put the disc in your player, but it definitely is an high class talented work that deserves your attention.

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