These Arms Are Snakes [I]Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go[/I] Review

These Arms Are Snakes kick ass! I am really all about their live performance and the first EP. They did a split with Harkonen and I tried like hell to get it to review but it never showed up from Hydra Head. It
was called Like A Virgin which rocks. I like Oxeneers because it has some really great songs but I think they took the experimentation a little bit too far on a few of the songs. I like where These Arms are going but songs like track six "Gadget Arms" just go on forever and never really pick up. I don’t need to listen to about 6 minutes of ambient noise before some singing
that I can’t really make out kicks in. I love most of this record and these guys are doing great things. There is this awesome part on "Greetings from
the Great North Woods" where the music cuts out and they are all singing in a cool layering of vocals. It is great. These guys have lost two founding members due to hitting it too hard. I hear that Erin from Minus The Bear is now drumming for them and he is great. He and the singer used to play in Killsadie. Oxeneers is great so go to the shows and pick up some merch and
give these boys some props for hitting it hard!

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