These Arms Are Snakes [I]Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go[/I] Review

Another ?°»supergroup’ released on Emo-lovers paradise Jade Tree Records. And is it worth it? F**k yes. This is perhaps the perfect execution of a style. Passionate, unpredictable and hard as a big bag of nails. Sliding bass. Spiky guitars and more vitriol than Pinkie on Brighton Pier.

?°»Ride, ride your hundred thousand dollar horse,’ slapdashes the opening ?°»Shit Sisters’, knocking seven shades of shite out of a rhythm until it breaks down, stumbling into a jilted drum death. Post-hardcore fusing with blues-driven metal, and later funeral keys (with the clicks of the pedals left on, naturally), serenading both the destruction of American values and the death of a style.

While twats like Boxcar 182 translate the Minor Threat of Husker Du and the Minutemen into lighthearted democrat politik and fart jokes (the perfect combination, I’m sure you’ll agree) and package it as sop for the younger generation, ?°»These Arms?°¦’ represent the power that the form could have wielded.

?°»You could have licked the lips of god, but you chose the pavement,’ they exclaim, out for a fight and taking no prisoners.

Sure, they’re preaching to the converted, but at least they haven’t given up on people listening; ?°»You stole my love, and I want it back.’

Enough cyclical guitar lines, perfectly balanced by off-beat rhythms to keep interest, and hints that if post-hardcore keeps driving up against the same brick wall, it will one day burst through into fresh musical pastures.

This is the album Cat On Form hinted at with their debut EP. And with Fugazi awol, this may well be the fix all you straight-edgers have been waiting for.

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