These Arms Are Snakes – Steve Snere, Brian Cook, Chris Common

Reyna interviews These Arms Are Snakes on their Tucson, AZ tour stop. Check out the ‘this or that’ segment, pretty interesting :)

Reyna Benavides: Please introduce yourself and the part you play in the band.
Chris Common: I am Chris and I play drums.

Steven Snere: I am Steven and I sing.

Brian Cook: I am Brian and I play bass.

When you first started your band what would you say was the point you wanted to get across with your music. Do you still want to send that same message out or does it differ now?
Steven: I don’t know if there was much of a point. I think it was playing music with people, we knew each other before hand so we just wanted to start to a band together. I think, I want to say like being creative or whatever but I think that is in our nature to be like that anyway. I don’t know if there was a whole like big point.

Brian: I think we were all musicians who wanted to play music. I don’t want to say there was one big point we just wanted to play music. That hasn’t really changed. It’s still pretty much the same.

You are referred to frequently as “art punkers” is that a title you like? What does that title mean to you?
Steven: It’s kind of true, I guess. I don’t know what to say, I like punk rock and I like art.

Brian: Anything is going to be kind of embarrassing. That’s what we’d rather be punk and art.

Steven: We are now post -preop core though. We were pre op core. Now we are post-op cure. We had the surgery and everything (laughing).

Reading your bio it says “More than anything from These Arms Are Snakes” back catalog, Easter was meant to hurt you.” As you went into the writing process was making such a brutal record premeditated or was that just the direction it went as you started writing?
Steven: I don’t think it is really brutal. I mean that was what our publicist wrote (Laughing). It’s a moodier record I think in ways. We write dark music. I don’t know if there is necessarily a reason why we writer dark music. We started writing together and that’s just what surfaced. We were beginning on that path towards finding a way to make an interesting record. We didn’t just want to keep writing the same thing over and over again. Keeping it interesting for us, hoping that other people find it interesting. I wish there was some more grandeous mythology.

Chris: We got together with our spiritual advisor and he told us we had to record these songs because they are séances and the devil is coming back soon. And you are all going die (laughing).

While writing your newest release “Easter” what had you hoped people would take from the album?
Steven: I don’t think we really think about what other people are going to think about it. Try to write a record that we all like, hopefully other people will like it and if they don’t , it doesn’t really bother us. We wanted to write something we enjoy playing..

Brian: I think we try to make records that sound like records we like. Typically, we like records that you hear it, and you’re like “ahh, what is this?” You are intrigued by it. We can listen to it and you hear it and you are sort of inclined to listen to it more even if you don’t necessarily like it the first time. You know, you listen to the whole thing as opposed to just listening to your favorite songs. I think that is what I want I want to get out of a record.

“Easter” deals with some pretty heavy concepts regarding faith and spirituality (and the breakdown or loss of it) we’re you apprehensive to release an album that has the potential for a backlash from listeners or right wingers alike?
Steven: No, because I don’t think or I wouldn’t expect that people who listen to it would be completely right winged. Like republicans or anything like that. Essentially, rock and roll or punk rock is not like doing it for the system, it is kinda going against it.

Brian: I like drawing a line, saying like we are all pretty opinioned people. I definitely don’t want to have an audience that is ignorant, you know. I’m not saying if you don’t prescribe to my political or spiritual beliefs you are ignorant. But, I don’t want to klan members, or frat boys, or groupies or homophobes to be fans of our bands. I want to draw a line of what we are going to do.

Recently, saw the video for Horse-Girl. Was it difficult coming up with a concept for the video?
(Group of boys walk by, screaming, swearing.)
(Laughing, “they are coming to the show”)

Chris: We didn’t come up with the concept really. We had a few directors come up with the concepts. You know, storyboards more or less. We went with The Artificial Army because we liked theirs the best. And we were pretty apprehensive about doing a video especially being in it, we weren’t supposed to be in it at all at first. But, they kind of came up with a concept and kind of won us over with us, they showed us bits and pieces of the early animated stuff and we were pretty much on board from there. Took a chance.
Steven: Then they came over and bunch of alcohol, like “ I know you are nervous so just drink all of this” So we did and we were like, “Yeahhhh.” (Laughing).

Here’s a list this or that. What do you guys prefer?
So, Def Lepard or Iron Maiden?
I’d say Def Lepard.
I’d say Iron Maiden.

Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?

Chris: I’d say Lindsay Lohan.
Brian: I don’t think I’d know the difference between the two.
Steven: I’d say Mandy Moore. It’d say Kelly Clarkson over both.I’d say Hilary Duff cause she’s cuter, a little bit more sweet, she’s not showing her stuff all the time.
Chris: I don’t know Lindsay Lohan seems like she’s absolutely crazy. (Laughing)

Guns and Roses or Motley Cru?

Both: Guns and Roses.
Brian: Neither. Probably, Motley Cru. Man, I don’t like saying that. Neither.

Mixtapes or Love Letters?
All: Mixtapes.

Texting or Myspacing?
All: Texting.

Madonna or Cyndi Lauper?
All: Madonna.

80’s music or 80’s movies?
Steven: I’d say 80’s music, I guess but they kind of go hand in hand.

Biggie or Tupac?
All: Biggie. We were listening to that today. By far.

Ashlee Simpson or Jessica Simpson?
Chris: Oooh, Ashlee because she’s also crazy. For pure humor value. She’s trying to find a guy drunk in Burger King. (Laughing)
Steven: I’m going with Ashlee because Jessica broke up with Nick Lachey and Nick Lachey seems like a nice guy.
Brian: Wait, what?
Steven: Jessica dumped him. So I don’t think that’s very nice. So Ashlee.

MTV or Fuse?
All: Fuse.
Steven: I’m guessing we have a better chance of getting our video on Fuse

Anything else you guys want to say? Any final words?
Brian: If you want to win us over, buy us drinks or bring us gifts. Shower us with presents. (Laughing) Not your demo, we are more likely to talk to you if you don’t bring us your demo. We are more likely to talk to you if you bring us drinks.

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