O’man! These Arms Are Snakes new cd!!! These Arms have been making vital and fresh punk rock or what post-punk if you want to call it that for a few years now. Started out as a buzz band because they have members from Kill Sadie and Botch. Living in Portland, less that 3 hours from their home town Tacoma I have seen these guys a lot of times. The best part about These Arms is (almost) every time that I have seen them they put on a better show. They fucking rock harder, and better and they dance better than they ever had before. So basically every time I see these guys it is the best that they have ever been. In that same fashion Easter is the best of a growing line of great records. They have refined their sound a little by making most of the songs faster and cutting out the long parts of just noise that plagued Auctioneers. If you only buy five records this year then make this one of them.

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